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Floor Stickers | Posters
These standard solutions are suitable for retail outlets of all sizes to help direct customers under social distancing guidelines.
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Business Solutions

Small Business
& Office

Floor Stickers | Signage
These solutions are intended for offices and service businesses to keep staff and customers safe.
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Personal Solutions


Badges | Clothing
The Qsafe personal care collection reminds people in close contact to "Keep Safe Distance".
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Industrial Solutions


Floor Stickers | Hi-Vis
The industrial range is suitable for businesses operating in a large scale environment to protect staff by adhering to social distancing guidelines.
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Outdoor Solutions


Cones | Workwear
Qsafe has developed a range of durable solutions to aid social distancing in outdoor settings.
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Construction Solutions


Sinage | Workwear
Qsafe has a full range of signage and workwear in line with CIF guidance. Contact us to see how we can offer advice and guidance.
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Consultancy Service


Advice | Guidance
Don’t see what you need? Contact us to see how we can customise a solution for your business.
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Csafe | Certification
Online training modules to get you and your staff back to work safely and confidently.
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Is your school prepared for re-opening with social distancing protocals

Let Qsafe help you to create a safer environment for students and teachers

Taking into account the recommended guidelines and extensive experience, we can work with you to put the necessary measures in place to get your school back up and running safely for your students and staff. We can do this by site visit or video phone call, and one of our experts will guide you through the best solution.

To book a consultation or discuss a bespoke solution contact

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Our Popular Products

68.86 Ex VAT

These modular, easy-to-apply, floor markers allow you to lay out your retail outlet in the most logical way that suits YOUR unit. Decide on the ideal traffic flow, then use the arrows and floor markers to guide your customers safely through your store to the till and exit.

15.00 Ex VAT

These wide floor graphics are a visible reminder of what 2m looks like as your staff go about their daily work. Suitable for large-scale industrial plants.

Small Business Pack
Small Business Pack
235.00 Ex VAT

The Qsafe Small Business Pack is designed to provide you with the basic necessities to keep your staff safe and prevent COVID-19 transmission. The mixture of floor, window, and door graphics combined with highly visible vests and personal badges will serve as a constant reminder of the Covid-19 threat and complement your internal COVID policy.

3.00 Ex VAT

Protect your staff / security personnel as they protect your business. These Hi-Vis vests remind your customers that your staff are at risk too. Keep Safe Distance!

Why Qsafe

Customer Safety

Customer Safety

The Qsafe products have been designed to protect customers and retail staff by minimizing social interaction while shopping


Ready To Use

Ready to Use

The Qsafe solution is a ready-made, modular solution that allows you to create a safe queueing layout to suit your own store. Each pack contains all you need to set up and inform your customers.
Suitable For Washing

Suitable for Washing

All of our Qsafe floor markers are manufactured from high grade graphic materials that are waterproof and laminated with heavy duty textured laminate that is approved for the production of floor graphics
Customer Reassurance

Customer Reassurance

Already, the Qsafe signs are giving consumers comfort that they are adhering to social distancing guidelines and doing their bit to stay safe. 
Proven Design

Proven Design

Qsafe has been tested in retail environments and has been an instant success. The design of the Qsafe merchandise has followed the standard brand guidelines of other COVID-19 communications.
Easy To Apply

Easy to Apply

Qsafe graphics are easily applied to a clean, dust-free floor. Simply peel the backing paper and apply. It will take 24 hours for adhesive to cure fully, however, the graphics are safe to use immediately.

Ready to Order?

Qsafe products indicate clearly to customers where they should stand while waiting in line for service. They are modular in nature allowing any retailer to create a logical and safe queuing system for their customers.

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